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How to restore deleted messages in Viber

First of all, enter the phone number to which your account is linked:
  • check A reliable way to regain lost access to your Viber account
  • check Restore deleted accounts, messages, contacts
  • check Access to the full profile database through a third-party interface
  • check Ability to download the history of messages and sent files
  • check Unlimited number of verification code requests

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

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  • 18 November
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    Verification code: 1628345.
    Anyone do not give a code, even if it is demanded on behalf of Viber!

    This code is used to log in to your account. It is never needed for anything else.

    If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.


How to restore a Viber account without access to the phone number?

In order to restore your account without calling support and without SMS, you need to choose a data recovery tool for Viber. Today, the best solution of this type is VbTracker software. With this application, you will be able to recover your account's account, messages and contacts. In addition, VbTracker is a panacea for anyone looking for how to restore a backup in Viber. The software restores and stores all backups, no matter when they were created.

After registering with VbTracker, you will have the following options:

Verification code request

A verification code is required to restore access to a Viber account when authorizing on a new device. Users can request an unlimited number of verification codes. The code is displayed in the software interface instantly.

Database access

The software can be used to navigate your Viber account database. The interface of the application is called the Personal account of the user, it is as clear and easy to use as possible.

Recovering deleted messages

The application is capable of restoring deleted messages and chats in Viber: both those that were deleted by the user himself and those that were deleted by the other participant of the correspondence. You can also view the history of editing messages.

Unlocking an account

Using VbTracker, users can also regain access to a locked account. No matter what the reason for the blocking - we guarantee successful unblocking without losing any account data.

Restore contact list

This feature is a real salvation for those who need to get back previously deleted contacts. The software is capable of restoring all contacts ever created in a Viber account.

Offline access to message history

By enabling the "Sync" feature, you can view all of your account data without accessing the Internet. The app will automatically download all new data packets to your device in the background.

Access to all previously created backups

VbTracker is a reliable way to access your account backups. Thanks to direct interaction with the Viber database, the software returns even those backups that the user has previously deleted.

Return a deleted group to Viber

Restore a deleted group regardless of how old it was deleted; Restore all publications; Keep all group subscribers

November 24
Viber 21:35

Your code: 4543525
Use this code to activate your account.

If you have not sent this message please ignore this message.

Restoring access to Viber account

Request a verification code for the device

The Viber backdoor app exploits certain vulnerabilities in the app's security system: it requests a verification code to the phone number you specify and then intercepts an SMS message with the code. By authenticating into an account on a virtual device, the software is able to request an unlimited number of codes without threatening the security of the account.

Recover deleted data

Download backup from the cloud

All deleted data remains in the Viber account database. The features of the approach used by VbTracker allow for scalable access to the database. By gaining wide access, the software duplicates all the data packages stored there into the Personal Area, including deleted messages, contacts, chats, and more.

Backup data recovery
November 25
Viber 21:35

Download a backup copy of your Viber message history (text messages only) to restore when reinstalling.

Last backup: Today at 3:55 pm Size 54MB

A few things to know about VbTracker

  • Advantages of using a third-party interface

    An unobvious, but important feature that VbTracker Personal Area provides - viewing new messages in chats without changing the status of these messages. Moreover, the application provides account navigation with offline status for other users.

  • Works anytime, anywhere

    VbTracker is capable of restoring access to your account, regardless of which service provider you use, what country you are in, and when you last authorized your account. In addition, we guarantee maximum product stability - no malfunctions or delays in data display.

  • sparkles

    It's confidential.

    User data is stored on our servers in encrypted form, that is, even the members of the VbTracker team do not have access to it. If necessary, you can remove all of your data from our database at any time: just go to Account Settings and click the appropriate button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use VbTracker to track the location of my lost phone?

Yes, the software can track GPS data from the device.

Is it possible to restore the correspondence of a deleted Viber account without restoring the account itself?

Yes, in this case the message history will be unarchived only in the interface of Dashboard.

Will VbTracker work for unblocking a Viber account?

Yes, and it doesn't matter for what reason the account was blocked.

Can I change the phone number to which my account is linked through the VbTracker interface?

No, you need to sign in to your account via the Viber interface. For authorization, request a verification code via the corresponding form in Dashboard.