Identify another person's location via Viber

An app for hacking someone else's Viber account geolocation

In order to run the hack, specify the phone number to which the target Viber account is registered:
  • check Hacking GPS data of the target account
  • check Tracking user movements
  • check Full history of geotags sent
  • check AI-enabled message analysis
  • check Detecting users in the vicinity

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

Viewing location
Schinner Muriel


  • 17:21 I need to know your location
  • 17:21 Send me a gps marker on the map
  • changed 5:25 p.m. I'll turn on the navigator
    on the phone
  • 17:34 I'm in a cafe near the theater and I'll wait for you here.
  • 17:36 Okay, I'll be there within the hour.

Is it possible to track a Viber user's movements online?

Yes, with the right tools, this is not a problem. To hack a user's real location, all you need to do is purchase VbTracker software. The great advantage of this application is that its use guarantees the successful hacking of a Viber user's geo-position. It is enough to specify the phone number of the registered account of the user you want to track, wait for 15 minutes and... that's it! Geolocation tracking software will allow you to find out where a Viber user is in a few seconds, track the history of his movements, and even find out what places he visits most often.

The software provides access to the following data and functions:

Actual location

VbTracker allows you to determine where the target user is at the moment with minimal error in displaying geo-position. The data is updated in real time.

Movement History

Once the account hack is complete, the app tracks and saves information about all of the user's movements. The history of movements can be exported as a CSV table, where places will be displayed through coordinates.

Frequently visited locations

The software compares information about visited places and highlights the locations that the user visits most often. Frequently visited places can be viewed on a heat map or presented as a list.


The app duplicates all geotags ever sent by a tracked user in the My Account interface. VbTracker can even track geotags that were sent but later deleted.

Analysis of messages

This feature is implemented using artificial intelligence. The application analyzes messages for certain keywords that could indicate a place, time, or meeting arrangement.

Regular Routes

With this functionality, you can track the routes the target user takes to work or jogs in the morning. Routes are displayed on a special interactive map.

ru 15 Bowie Ave, York

28 min ago

ru 15 Bowie Ave, York

28 min ago

ru43 Gurney Crescent


ru 1272 Castlefield Ave


Tracking movement history via Viber

Address and coordinates of the user's location

The application constantly tracks a Viber user's movements in the background, and stores the data in the VbTracker database as coordinates. At the user's request, the software displays this data on an interactive map. If you decide to download the movement history to your device, the software exports the data in the form of a table, which can then be imported into any mapping service.

Cracking the geolocation of a Viber user

Tracking a mobile device on the map

Once the software accesses the Viber account database, it activates a geolocation tracking script that can be activated at any time. When the user requests information about the current location of the compromised account owner, the software reads the pixel data and broadcasts the information received to Dashboard.

Dickens Leon

2.75 km from here

Douglas Ralph

3.21 km from here

Sipes Shannon

4.2 km from here

Blick Eva

5.64 km from here

Routes and locations

Movement history and itineraries

Artificial intelligence analyzes the history of movements and determines the places where the user has been and the routes he has taken most often in the past 365 days (if necessary, this period can be changed in the settings). This data is then displayed on a heat map, where you can use a specific color palette to understand the frequency of visiting a place and passing a route.

Message analysis

The software analyzes incoming and outgoing text messages in private and group chats, and finds those that might have involved making an appointment or visiting a place. Users can improve the accuracy of the analysis by marking irrelevant messages accordingly.

  • track-location.alt.3
    1 Ramsden Rd, York

    33 min ago

Advantages of using


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track the current location of a viber user if his device does not have GPS enabled?

As a rule, yes, but in this case geolocation may be displayed with a large error. Usually the device continues to broadcast GPS data, but we cannot give a full guarantee of accurate tracking in this situation.

Is it possible to track the history of the movements that the user made before the tracking was installed?

No, but you can access the history of geotags sent throughout the account's history. In addition, the AI is able to analyze messages for keywords indicative of an encounter, regardless of when the messages were sent.

Is there a chance that the software will display the user's geolocation incorrectly?

This is possible if GPS is disabled on the device on which the target account is authorized. However, in this case, the software will certainly notify the user of a possible data display error.

Does the ability to track geo-position depend on what country the user is in?

No, it doesn't matter, the software broadcasts geodata accurately regardless of the account holder's country of residence.

Can I receive notifications when a user has visited a certain place?

Yes, you need to create the appropriate notification scripts in the notification settings.