Hack another person in Viber on iPhone

Monitoring Viber account on iOS

  • check Hack someone else's Viber account without Jailbreak online
  • check Tracking your location and movements
  • check Accessing call logs and hacking contact list
  • check A third-party interface that enables anonymous hacking
  • check Requesting a verification code to log in to account

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

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Is there a reliable way to hack Viber on iOS?

At the moment, there is only one way to spy on Viber user on iPhone or iPad on the spy app market. This software is called VbTracker: cross-platform online application works on iPhones and iPads of all generations, does not require Jailbreak and provides successful hacking without access to iCloud. The program for hacking Viber on iOS does not need to be downloaded and installed, it establishes Viber account tracking through the web interface. Users only need to specify their phone number, pay for a set of services that suits them, and run the hack. Once the hack is complete, the app sends the user a notification, after which they will immediately be able to start tracking correspondence and location through Viber on iOS.

Once the hack is complete, you will have access to the following data and functionality:


The app provides full access to the correspondence of the hacked Viber account on iOS, and users can view the history of messages for the entire time of the account's existence. In addition, the software installs a tool for tracking new messages.

Call log

VbTracker also hacks the call history of a Viber account. In the interface of the software, the call log is presented as a table that shows for each call the time of its initiation, duration and participants of the call.


Using the tracking pixel, the software broadcasts information about the account owner's current location to the Personal Area. Viber user geolocation data is saved and then displayed in the movement history.


If a compromised user uses Viber to make payments via Viber bot, VbTracker tracks and displays information about the time, amount, and recipient of the payment

Data recovery

The VbTracker app is the best way to restore a blocked or deleted Viber account without accessing the attached number or contacting support.

Call Wiretapping

At the moment, this is the only solution that allows you to set call tapping for Viber. To intercept and listen to calls in Viber on iOS, you just need to specify the phone number and activate the monitoring session.

Attached files

In a separate tab of the application interface, users will be able to view online all the attached files sent and received by the owner of the hacked account. The archive with the files can be downloaded to the devices in one click.

Verification code

This software functionality allows you to request an unlimited number of verification codes, which can then be used to authenticate to the target account through the Viber interface.

Hacking Viber on iPhone and iPad. How it works

Database access

Hacking Viber account on iOS via VbTracker app is provided by a unique approach, which is based on a combination of data interception and its subsequent scaling. The software requests to regain access to the account, then intercepts an SMS with a verification code, and authenticates to the account on the virtual device. The app then duplicates the account database...

June 18
Viber 21:35

Your code: 7643529
Use this code to activate your account.

If you have not sent this message please ignore this message.


10.1 MB * Jul 26, 2024

Data Archive

56 KB * Sep 25, 2024


184 KB * Aug 7, 2024


1,6 MB * Jun 10, 2024

Interface for working with data

... to a third-party interface - the User Area. Using a third-party interface is the basis of hacking privacy. By viewing the data of a hacked account, VbTracker users interact with a copy of the database, thus avoiding any interaction directly with the account. This is why Viber's security system does not identify this as a hack.

Using user data

VbTracker's data usage policy is no less important for hacking security and anonymity. All user information and hacked account data is stored on the application's servers in encrypted form. Thus, the only person who can view or delete data is the user himself. Even we, the VbTracker team, do not have access to it.

Hacking Viber on iOS with VbTracker

  • Synchronizing with the iOS device memory

    Users can configure the app to be able to work with tracked account data even without access to the Internet. To do this, just enable synchronization of the software with the memory of the device. The software will duplicate all the data received as a result of tracking to the device, and this will happen in the background.

  • Works without Jailbreak and iCloud

    The combination of the factors described above provides a unique opportunity to hack a Viber account without Jailbreak and access to iCloud. Moreover, there is no need to even have access to authorized devices or the phone number to which the account is tied. The whole process takes place remotely and does not require any additional effort on the part of the user.

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    Guaranteed successful hacking

    In addition, the approach used by VbTracker provides one hundred percent conversion - due to the rather limited account security options available to Viber users, the software is capable of hacking the account, no matter where the account owner is, no matter what mobile operator or device is used. These guarantees are spelled out in the Terms of Use and Return Policy.


What our customers say about us

West Casimer
star star star star star5

My kids have all kinds of smartphones and tablets. At one time I installed another developer's tracker for them, but then I got sick of it! It takes a long time, the devices slow down, the kids get nervous... This software doesn't compare at all.

instagram Instagram
Hahn Abelardo
star star star star star5

Add the ability to view browser browsing history. Then I think it would be the best app.I really liked the app, the functionality is super.

hkHong Kong
facebook Facebook
D'Amore Gaylord
star star star star star5

I am thrilled with what VbTracker can do for our safety. It is perfect for us because it allows me and my husband to keep track of what the kids are doing on their gadgets and even their movements. A well deserved 5 stars!

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Herman Rhett
star star star star star5

I turned on my wife's phone tracking so she wouldn't have to worry about me! Now she feels better, too, when she knows everything. And I don't have to report my actions again.

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Heller Ignacio
star star star star star5

I was overwhelmed with a mountain of information, so I really liked and benefited from the fact that all received information is also conveniently structured, you can apply different filters and sorting options. For example, you can view all payments to bots separately, and you can sort by date or amount - cleverly done, in general.

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Dibbert Green
star star star star star5

I would say that the service works great if the customer service did not answer me for more than a day. Where is the promised speed of response or is it just a publicity stunt as usual? And so everything works fine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the VbTracker software from the AppStore?

No, VbTracker is not available in the AppStore. In order to use the software you do not need to download and install anything, VbTracker is a web application, it functions through a browser.

How confidential is this? Can I be sure that a hacked user cannot trace my data?

This is completely confidential, the user is guaranteed not to be able to track you. This is possible because you will interact with the account data through a third-party interface - VbTracker Personal Cabinet.

Will I be able to use the app if I'm using an older generation iPhone?

You can, the model of iPhone or iPad is not important. The software has minimal system requirements.

I use the Safari browser. Does the application work in this browser?

Yes, Safari is fine. However, it is important that you have one of the latest versions of the browser installed on your device.

Do I need to know the target user's iCloud credentials to hack their Viber account?

No, you only need to know the phone number to which the target Viber account is registered in order to hack.