An app for hacking someone else's Viber call history

Hack into another person's Viber account contact list

The first thing to do is to specify the phone number to which the account is registered:
  • check Access to the full call history of the target account
  • check Exportable contact list of the account
  • check Installation of voice and video call tapping
  • check Tracking new calls in real time
  • check Recording of calls with the ability to export later

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

Gerhold Clarabelle
Padberg Keely
Schiller Karina
Howe Evangeline
Mann Ona
Wyman Frida
Zboncak Mikel
Heaney Euna


  • 17:21 Waiting for a call, within 15 minutes
  • 17:21 We need to discuss a lot of questions and get answers
  • Missed video call
  • 17:34 finished the treatment❤️ the next call
  • Outgoing video call
  • 17:36 We've grown so much together 💕.

Hacking Viber's call log and setting up tracking. How does it work?

Hacking call history uses features of the lost access recovery algorithm of the Viber app. VB-Tracker requests to restore access to the target account and then intercepts an SMS message with a verification code. This code is used to sign in to the account on the virtual device. After authorization, a script is installed in the database of the compromised account to track new calls. When a wiretap is installed, the software monitors incoming and outgoing calls, and then broadcasts audio and video signals to the Personal Area, thereby giving the user access to it.

Once the hack is complete, you will have access to the following types of data and functions:

Call log

History of incoming and outgoing calls; History of group video conferencing; Information about the initiation time and duration of calls

Contact list

Complete list of all contacts ever added (including those added and then deleted; List of blocked contacts

Tracking new calls

Real-time tracking of voice and video calls; Sending browser and desktop notifications about new calls

Wiretapping calls

Broadcast audio and video signals to the Personal Area Interface with minimum delay; Adjustable data transmission quality

Recording Calls

Recording audio and video with a choice of recording format and quality; Saving recording files in VbTracker storage; Downloading recordings to your device

Data export

Convert your contact list to a CSV table, which can be downloaded to a device or sent by email;

Viber Out History and Tracking

Log phone calls using Viber Out technology; Tracking new phone calls Viber Out

Payments Viber Out

Information about past replenishments of Viber Out account with the date and amount of payment; Tracking of new payments

Hacking Viber call logs

Hacking Viber call log and setting up tracking

Call history and duration online

Using the hacking technology described above, the software gains access to the call log. After hacking is complete, the user can study the call history online (in VbTracker Personal Area) and offline (by downloading the call history to the device). Each call cell contains an array of information, including the exact start time of the conversation and its duration.

Activity notifications

User status alerts

With the default settings, the application will send notifications to the user about new activity in the account - about initiated or received calls, about missed calls, about added and deleted contacts. When you click on the notification, you will be automatically redirected to the Personal Area page, which contains detailed information about the corresponding activity.

  • 18:33 Hi 🖐 Yesterday we went to a restaurant 🍜🥂
  • 18:33 Great time 😀
  • 18:37
    Harber Orpha
    Oh) Call me back, I'm waiting.
  • Outgoing video call
Viber call tapping

Viber call tapping

Recording and listening to conversations

Thus, when you click on the notification of a new call, users are automatically taken to the page of the broadcast of the call. By the way, tapping is completely safe and anonymous: since you use a third-party interface for tapping, there is no chance that the participants of the call can in any way detect the tapping.

Accessing the Viber contact list

Synchronization with the notebook

When hacking a contact list, users get access to a fairly wide range of information: phone number, contact name, target user's interaction history with the contact, when the contact was created, and editing history. In addition, you can see the profile picture set for each contact.

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Exporting data

Download archive to device

VbTracker has two types of data exports available - downloading to your device and sending to email. You can set up the application so that, for example, you can receive a daily email with information about all the calls made by the account owner during the past day. When you export a list of contacts, it's converted into a CSV table, which you can then import into any third-party tool.

Hacking Viber Out

Viewing video calls and messages

Viber Out is a tool for making budget international calls. By hacking the Viber Out database, users are able to track the numbers that the user calls. In addition, the software matches the tracked numbers with the Viber user database, and displays all the public data of the accounts linked to the numbers, if any.

Hacking Viber Out

3 proven ways to hack call history and contact list in Viber


Installing the tracking script on devices

This method requires access to the device where the target Viber account is authorized. You just need to download the target program to your device and run it. Pixel will be able to track your call history and then send it to your email.


Remote hacking software

Unfortunately, call tracking applications are quite rare on the spyware market. However, they do exist, and one of them is available to the general user. This software is called VbTracker. We can safely say that it is a reliable way to hack calls in Viber.


Phishing Links

Find an app to create phishing links, and then send such a link to the target user under the guise of a link to, say, an interesting resource. If the user clicks the link, you'll be able to hack your contact list and track your call history.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to Viber Out calls? If so, how safe and anonymous is it?

Yes, the software has Viber Out call tracking functionality. Just like tracking regular Viber calls, it is completely confidential and secure.

Will I be able to find out about new contacts I've added to my target Viber account?

Yes, VbTracker keeps track of new contacts you create. To learn about them instantly, set your notification settings accordingly.

Can I track the calls of multiple Viber users at the same time?

Yes, VbTracker currently allows you to create up to 5 simultaneous call tracking sessions. You can create a new session in the Account Settings.

Is it possible to trace a user's phone number if the owner of the compromised account called him, but he was not added to the contact list?

This depends on the privacy settings of the individual user. If the phone number information is restricted by these settings, the software will not be able to access it.