Program to hack Viber on your phone online

How to hack someone else's Viber account on Android

Before you start the hack, specify the phone number to which the target Viber account is registered:
  • check Hacking and installing account activity tracking
  • check Access to the full Viber account database
  • check No need to have access to the device's root
  • check Works no matter where you are
  • check Unlimited number of verification code requests

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

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Which phone or tablet app to choose to hack into a Viber account

A proven and reliable way to hack someone in Viber if you use an Android device is VbTracker hacker app. This software has a wide range of features for tracking Viber accounts: new activity tracking, hacking and message tracking, geolocation monitoring and other features will become available after launching Viber monitoring session. The software is compatible with all devices running on the Android OS, requires no preconfiguration or activation. This means that you can hack Viber on any Android device at any time without the device owner's knowledge or confirmation.

Hacking Viber on Android via VbTracker provides:

Activity Tracking

The software tracks all new activity in a compromised account in real time. Users do not need to check for updates manually, just activate and configure the built-in notification system.

Hacking message history

VbTracker allows you to access the full correspondence of your Viber account on Android. To optimize the navigation through the message history, a number of tools are integrated into the application interface: Smart Search, Saved Messages, Time Line.

Movement monitoring

In addition, information about the current location of the tracked user is broadcasted to Dashboard. Geolocation is tracked with minimal delay and without error in the display of coordinates.

Accessing device memory

The app uses the device memory access permission that the hacked Viber app has. Through VbTracker, users can track media files from the Android Gallery and documents stored on the device.

Tracking SMS messages

Using the same accesses, the software hacks the history of SMS and MMS messages. The high speed of new activity display makes VbTracker a reliable way to intercept messages with verification codes.

Tracking and wiretapping calls

Once the hack is complete, the software installs a tracking pixel in the target account's database that tracks all new incoming calls. In addition, the software installs a tap on Android voice and video calls.

Documents and media files

VbTracker monitors and duplicates in Dashboard all documents, photos, videos, and audio that the hacked user and his interlocutors share via Viber. The files can be viewed online or downloaded to your device.

Authorization in the account

The instant SMS hijacking functionality described above gives users the ability to request a Viber verification code. By applying this code, they can log into the hacked account in the Viber app.

Viber Android 2.7.0 online
phone number

+1 854 896 0321 - USA

Viber Web 0.4.2 7:45 PM
phone number

+1 855 993 0241 - USA

Hacking and tracking Viber account on Android

Real-time tracking

To hack a Viber account from an Android phone or tablet, there is no need to download or install anything. The application works on any device that is connected to the Internet and on which the current browser version is installed. Thus, the program is available to almost all users, regardless of the Android operating system version or the model of the device used.

Hacking another person in Viber

Tracking installation

In order to secure a Viber account on Android, the software exploits a vulnerability in the SS7 data transmission protocol. This protocol is used by the account recovery system to send users an SMS with a verification code. VbTracker algorithms use the protocol vulnerability to intercept this SMS and then set up surveillance.

June 18
Viber 21:35

Your code: 7643529
Use this code to activate your account.

If you have not sent this message please ignore this message.


10.1 MB * Jul 26, 2024

Data Archive

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1,6 MB * Jun 10, 2024

Offline access to account data

However, Dashboard is not the only way to interact with your target account data. You can also download the database to your device so that you can work with it without access to the Internet. You can download the database manually, or by enabling software synchronization with your device - in the second case, the software will download all updates itself in the background.

VbTracker™ Interface for tracking Viber activity on an Android smartphone or tablet

Viber account activity is tracked through the Personal account - a cross-platform adaptive interface. When developing and designing the Personal account, special attention was paid to the user experience: we regularly analyze it and, as analysis shows, most users intuitively understand how to use it.

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What our customers say about us

Ernser Darien
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Let me just say a few words. You don't need to install it. That's why it's the best app out there today. It takes you about five minutes to start and you save your nerves too. The result is fantastic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

gbUnited Kingdom
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Cummings Stanley
star star star star star5

I keep track of several of my children's Android devices. To be exact, they are a tablet and a Galaxy phone. The accuracy of both devices is excellent. You can monitor both devices on the same map.

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Nolan Emanuel
star star star star star5

Yes, and I thought chats in Viber are fully confidential and securely encrypted, but no... Do not store important information in messengers, use your own encrypted channels of communication - that's my advice to you.

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Senger Roger
star star star star star5

A friend was able to read her boyfriend's correspondence on her iPhone and caught him cheating. For more than a year she couldn't figure out what was going on in their relationship. Now I think it's time for me to take advantage of it...

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Durgan Dion
star star star star star5

I would say that the service works great if the customer service did not answer me for more than a day. Where is the promised speed of response or is it just a publicity stunt as usual? And so everything works fine.

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Bergstrom Grant
star star star star star5

I like the program, everything is on fire. But 24/7 support sounds loud... At times I waited over a day for an answer! I don't think they have a hell of a backlog of emails there

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I log in to a compromised account through the Viber app?

Yes, you will need to request an authorization code through VbTracker My Account and then use it to authorize into your account via Viber.

Is it possible to download information from a compromised account (e.g. correspondence) to my device?

Yes, the application has this functionality. Moreover, thanks to the technological support of the software, we can guarantee that the download will take place at the maximum speed for your Internet connection.

Can I hack another person in Viber if my Android device doesn't have enough memory?

Yes, being a web application, VbTracker does not use device memory when hacking.

Will the software use my Internet traffic for hacking?

No, all costs of this kind are borne by the VbTracker servers, the hack will use a minimal amount of Internet traffic.

How important is the model of the user's phone that I'm going to hack? Will I be able to hack if I have an Android phone and he has an iOS phone?

It is not at all fundamental, the application will be able to hack a Viber account, no matter what device its owner uses.