The software is compatible with devices based on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
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#SS7 Viber Server Console

API ID: 62B9nvaxblkEwqzYg2DjPdW3gNmLMQZr

Viber Hack Online without Accessing a Phone

New Version 3.16: Secret Chat Downloading Support

Launch the Software by Providing a Phone Number

  • No Subscriber Consent is Required check
    Phone number connected to target Viber account

Launch Session

Archive includes the following sections:

Received and sent messages, secret chat

Log of incoming and outgoing calls, duration

Map location with GPS geolocation points

Files saved in the history of a target account

Data transferred via private channels and groups

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Viber Spy

How to Hack Viber Account?

VB-Tracker™ developers offer a unique solution providing access to personal information. You don’t need to install spyware on a target device to use the software for hacking Viber. Our online app was developed based on cutting-edge solutions related to cyber-security and data encryption. VB-Tracker™ initiates a SS7 protocol attack and intercepts an SMS message containing a verification code necessary to access a target profile. This process is fully automated and does not require client involvement. After logging into a target account via a special emulator, an archive of user files becomes available for downloading in the Dashboard. Developers facilitated this software product with innovative mechanisms designed to ensure customer security and confidentiality.

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VB-Tracker™ is a unique tool that allows accessing any target account in Viber. The software is compatible with all popular OSs (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS) and runs equally well on smartphones, PCs and tablets. A well-designed architecture makes our service simple and understandable even for novice users. Ensure you have an updated browser and a stable Internet connection before hacking any account. Software fully operates on a remote server. All processes are controlled via a web-interface. Make sure you have enough free disk space, since a file archive generated by our service can take over 1GB. This archive is checked for viruses with an anti-virus tool, so it's safe to download it. Due to SS7 protocol vulnerability and a number of technological innovations, VB-Tracker™ can be considered one of the most effective tools for hacking Viber accounts. We made the entire process 100% automated eliminating human flaws.


We guarantee our customers 100% privacy and safety by virtue of innovative end-to-end encryption mechanisms. Thus, user identification becomes impossible. Our developers guarantee maximal confidentiality anytime you interact with this service. You do not need a confirmation from your target to launch the software.


VB-Tracker™ is a unique solution for gaining access to personal information. Our algorithms combine high performance and maximum efficiency. An archive with user files will be available for downloading in a few minutes after launch. VB-Tracker™ promptness depends on our server load.

User-Friendly Interface

Our service offers convenient and understandable interface - even for novice users. All functions are available via the Dashboard. All relates elements of interface are located next to each other. There are no excessive elements, only the necessary ones. If you still have questions, you can always contact Technical Support Team.


To ensure our customers the highest level of convenience possible, we decided to take no prepayments. Client pays only after a target user's archive is generated and ready for being downloaded. We guarantee 100% data confidentiality anytime you're using our service. Numerous positive reviews confirm that over 90% of our customers are satisfied.

Payment Methods:
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc
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