Remote hacking of Viber on Windows and MacOS

Cracking a Viber account on a PC without installing it

To start the hack, enter the phone number to which your account is linked:
  • check Access to correspondence and track new messages
  • check Tracking new activity in real time
  • check Hacking call history and call tapping installation
  • check Monitoring of current geolocation and movement history
  • check Free of downloading, the software works directly in the browser

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.


What is the best program to choose to hack someone else's account in Viber on the PC?

The market of spyware for Viber is not that big, so it won't be too difficult to choose the best solution. However, to begin with, let's define the fundamental aspects that will be used when choosing the best way to hack a Viber account on a computer. First, it is important that such software keeps the anonymity of the user. Secondly, we need a proven way to hack another person's Viber, and the method should be suitable for both Windows and MacOS. Applying these aspects, we can safely assert that the most reliable application for activity tracking is VbTracker software.

The software opens up the following possibilities for users:

Find out who the Viber user is texting with

Using the VbTracker app, you can hack the target account's message history and then track new messages. The notification system lets you know about new messages instantly.

Determine its current location

The software allows you to determine the current geo-position of all devices where the compromised account is authorized. Access to GPS data provides the ability to track the user's past movements.

Track calls to your Viber account

VbTracker users can find out who the owner of a compromised account calls in real time. In addition, in the "Call History" tab you can view a whole array of information about his past conversations, including the name of the interlocutor, the time and duration of the call.

Download the database to your device

With its advanced navigation system, the software's interface is the best way to browse the account database. However, if you wish, you can download the database to your device and view it offline.

Track new activity

Another important advantage of VbTracker is its built-in flexible notification system. With its help, you can always stay informed about everything that happens in your account.

Intercept SMS and MMS messages

The software is capable of scaling the hack to the memory of authorized devices. This feature of the software makes it possible to intercept all messages coming to the user almost instantly.

Learn about user plans

VbTracker application algorithms use artificial intelligence to analyze the content of incoming and outgoing messages for any keywords that can be used to track the account owner's plans.

Log in to a compromised account

To do this, you just need to open the Viber app, enter your target phone number and click "Sign in". In a few seconds, VbTracker will receive a code that you can use to verify yourself.

3 reasons to use VbTracker to hack Viber on PC

  • download

    No need to download or install anything

    Hacking Viber on PC without downloading is one of the many conveniences that the web application format provides. In order to carry out the hack, you just need to open the software page in your browser, complete a quick registration, pay for the package of services and wait for a little while. As a rule, the total time of the process is no more than 15-20 minutes, after which you can go straight to work with the data of the hacked account.

  • The software does not conflict with antivirus

    And in general, hacking a Viber account on a Mac or Windows computer via VbTracker is as anonymous and confidential as possible. Using a third-party interface to view data ensures that neither anti-virus nor Viber security system will be able to track any suspicious activity while you are viewing the target account data.

  • Works on devices of any power

    The software does not use your PC's RAM at all, the hacking, tracking installation and subsequent activity tracking uses technological resources on our side. By the way, you can use VbTracker on your PC, smartphone, and tablet at the same time - we do not limit the number of authorized devices.

Follow 3 steps to access your Viber account in just 15 minutes.


Determine the number

All you have to do is enter your account phone number or user name on any page of the online application.


Run VbTracker

Wait for the application to create a request to intercept the system message with a code, which allows you to access the messenger


Get the result

As a result, the client is able to authorize the profile on the new device. Information about the login and password of the desired account.

Anonymous Viber monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

The information from your Viber account history will be uploaded to your control panel after you start the session.


specify the number or @username

VbTracker - a unique solution for hacking Viber on Windows or MacOS

Uses artificial intelligence In a recent update, we added the ability to use artificial intelligence to analyze the content of your correspondence and movements. By the way, our AI can learn: if the results it offers seem irrelevant, you can let it know, and it will take this into account in the next analysis.

Multiple accounts can be tracked simultaneously VbTracker users can create up to 10 Viber account tracking sessions simultaneously. The interface and functionality of the software is fully adapted for such a possibility. By the way, it is profitable - when running multiple hacking sessions, the average price per session is significantly reduced.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I log in to VbTracker on my Mac and iPhone at the same time?

Yes, and the OS does not matter in this case. You can sign in to your VbTracker account on an unlimited number of devices.

How stable is the software on Windows Phone?

Initially, we did not consider Windows Phone as a target platform, but as practice shows, the software is absolutely stable on Windows smartphones.

If I download the database of a hacked device to my PC, do I need to install any special programs to work with the files?

No, as a rule, the basic pre-installed on the PC software is enough to work with the database.

How much of my computer's RAM will the software use?

VbTracker uses the same amount of RAM as the browser you normally use.

The app review says that it uses artificial intelligence. How much can I rely on it?

It is important to understand that VbTracker uses self-training AI. That is, if you are dissatisfied with the results of its output, by pressing the appropriate button you will be able to tell him about it.