VB-Tracker™ Software Features

Exploiting SS7 Protocol Vulnerability for Restoring Access to a Viber Account.

1 :How did it All Begin?

About 15-20 years ago mobile phones were few and far between because only very wealthy persons could afford buying them. But situation has changed dramatically in recent years. These gadgets have become an indispensable tool of a modern man. Currently, smartphones are manufactured by many large companies. Their price is positively affected by the high level of competition between manufacturers. Now almost everyone can afford a mobile phone. Meanwhile, high tariffs are no longer a problem that prevents normal communication, as well.

Modern Internet-enabled smartphones provide various opportunities that previously seemed unrealistic. By installing special applications (messengers), you can exchange instant messages and make audio/video calls. Modern people, using these innovations, can communicate with friends and relatives located anywhere around the world, while paying no attention to tariff prohibitions and restrictions.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers. This application was officially introduced in December, 2010. Viber runs on any major operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, and others). Its interface supports over 20 languages. It had over 900 million registered users by August, 2017.

2 : Features and Advantages of Viber

This messenger's security system is based on encryption algorithms that are frequently criticized. According to experts, some outdated protection methods and compromising functions (allowing to create copies of correspondence) significantly reduce personal data privacy. In 2019, its developers introduced several innovations to increase user protection.

Key Features of Viber:

  1. Instant text messaging
  2. Receiving/sending media and data
  3. Free audio/video calls to any point around the world
  4. Support of group conversations and group channels
  5. Information transfer in encrypted channels and groups

Large base of active users and a wide range of features have turned this app into a platform for business promotion. It provides useful tools for promoting brands and attracting new customers. Therefore more and more persons want to know how to hack Viber without obtaining access to a target phone?

3 : How to Hack Viber

In view of messengers uprise and rapid popularization, developers were forced to reconsider all the aspects of data privacy. Hackers responded with their own best practices. Thus, a so-called "arms race" stared. This confrontation continues even today.

There are a lot of methods for hacking this application. But most of them are no longer relevant. Developers constantly upgrade software and increase the level of protection against hacker attacks. Therefore, hackers have to find new vulnerabilities. And as time goes on, this search becomes more and more difficult. So it is wiser to give preference to stable and time-proven tools.

VB-Tracker™ offers the most effective method for hacking Viber. It exploits the vulnerability of SS7-protocol used by cellular operators. Its 100% automated system intercepts an SMS-message with a verification code necessary for restoring access to a target account. As a result, an archive with a target account history can be downloaded.

4 : The Main 2-FA Issue

A number specified during registration is automatically bound to a created account. According to Viber developers, this step should significantly increase privacy and facilitate account restoring (a service SMS is sent to the specified number, containing a special code for account recovery).

But 2-factor authentication not only was cracked by hackers but also opened up a lot of new opportunities for them. For example: obtain unauthorized access to an account using access confirmation by SMS. Viber developers can't solve this issue, since it's the area of responsibility of cellular operators.

Software tool exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol allowing VB-Tracker™ to intercept verification codes. Thus, our clients can obtain a copy of a target profile history. All tools work in the background and are fully automated. This eliminates all the possible human flaws.

5 : Exploiting the Vulnerability of SS7 Protocol

Despite attempts of mobile providers to conceal this fact capable of causing a strong blow to their reputation, info on the vulnerability of SS7 protocol entered the public domain long time ago. According to experts, a hacker with appropriate equipment and software for SMS intercepting can hack even the most secure systems.

When SS7 protocol was developed back in 1975, it was considered to be one of the world's most reliable and secure. But in 70s, developers couldn't predict the emergence of the hacker equipment that can bypass all their barriers. This made the entire system unprotected from external attacks. To successfully connect to this protocol, a hacker needs only an information base and some special equipment.

VB-Tracker™ automatically intercepts any SMS with a verification code requiring only an uninterrupted Internet connection and a target phone number (in the international format).

6 : User Archive Content

After intercepting an SMS with a verification code, our system allows launching a target account in the built-in Viber emulator. It also generated an archive of user files tested with anti-virus software tools and available for download. After transferring this account to a special emulator, client gets full access to an archive with the entire account history.

This Archive Includes the Following:

  1. Text messages, including secret chats
  2. Incoming/outgoing audio and video calls
  3. GPS coordinates of a current location
  4. Files received/sent in this messenger
  5. Data exchanged by private channels
  6. The list of saved contacts and groups

7 : Technical Specifications and Advantages

All the tools we offer runs online. Client don't need to deploy them on their own devices or servers.

System Requirements:

  • Reliable Internet connection sufficient for downloading large files (sometimes over 2 GB)
  • Archiving tools that can handle uploaded files (devices with MacOS have a built-in archiving tool)
  • Actual browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) updated to the latest version

Benefits of using VB-Tracker™:

  • The software can intercept service SMSs generated by almost any cellular provider
  • Algorithms don't cause instability of target devices (operates in normal mode)
  • Account monitoring process remains unnoticed to a target profile owner

8 : Conclusion

VB-Tracker™ currently offers the most effective method for Viber hacking. In the coming years, the situation will remain the same for the following 2 reasons: Viber developers can't eliminate vulnerability of 2-FA; mobile providers won't upgrade their equipment because of high costs.

Our tools allow accessing any Viber account remotely using fully automated algorithms with zero negative effects on a target device. A large number of positive reviews confirm the high efficiency of VB-Tracker™.