VB-Tracker™ is a Complex of Safe and Anonymous Solutions

Anonymity During Payment

VB-Tracker™ supports payment methods capable of providing high anonymity. But you should make payments in cryptocurrency to ensure identification of transaction participants (sender/payee) is impossible. This method completely excludes any risks related to confidentiality. Clients can refer to a guide describing the safest ways to buy cryptocurrency.

The software was development based on best practices in the field of cyber-security and encryption. Customers personal data is protected with advanced cryptographic algorithms.

Encryption and Remote Information Storage

There are several following categories of data generated when someone uses the software:

  1. Registration-related data generated at sign-up and every time a client accesses the dashboard (email, login, password, etc).
  2. Identification-related data for identifying a target profile and launching the software (target phone number in international format).
  3. Extracted data stored in a user archive obtained as a result of hacking Viber online.

Generated information undergoes end-to-end encryption before being transferred to a remote service for storage purposes. Our methods ensure maximum confidentiality of personal data. Your password specified at sign-up serves as a cryptographic key. Please store your registration info in a safe place, since its recovery is technically impossible in case of loss. We also recommend downloading a target user archive immediately after it is generated.

The Following Security Measures will Increase User Privacy and Confidentiality:

  • Create a new email address to work with software.
  • Make sure your password is as reliable as possible.
  • In case of using public Wi-Fi networks, please use also some VPN services to encrypt traffic.
  • Every time after downloading an archive with user files don't forget to click the "Exit" button.
  • Delete browser history and cookie-files to ensure extra security.

Anonymous Account Monitoring

Implemented algorithms allow monitor Viber activity without confirmation from the owner of a target account. All operations are automated and don't affect a target device as well as Viber messenger itself in terms of stability. Our clients don't need to install and configure any software, since we offer a web-based tools controlled directly in the Dashboard. Learn more .

When developing this toolset, our team used advanced cyber-security and encryption technologies to maximize user anonymity. Compliance with all recommendations will minimize confidentiality-related risks.

In case of Any Difficulties when Using our Product,

please visit the F.A.Q. section offering answers to frequently asked questions. We also offer a customer support service.

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